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motion dive .tokyo performance package

What is "motion dive"?
From its first appearance in Japan in 1998, the software "motion dive" has played an important role to spread the hybrid culture of motion graphics and music across the globe. Like DJs mix their passionate music and cultivated a new music generation in the past, "motion dive" has been opening a new door to the VJ scene for a new VJ visual generation. In 2003, "motion dive. tokyo" is ready for its long awaited worldwide release!
This software gives you a major function that mixes the 2 visuals into 1 visual for your live visual performance. You can add visual effetcs and texts as you need. Also, you can easily organize the video files and send the video source diretcly from your computer. There are more useful functions inside of the "motion dive. tokyo".
mdt_interface Mixing Console
It gives you flexible functions for the video mix.

1. "AB switch" button allows you to mix and switch the visuals between channel A and B.
You can manually or automatically cross-fade between the channels.
2. 2 visuals are set for ready on the 2 active windows on the each channel.
3. While "TAP" button next to the "AB SWITCH" is on, you can click 2 times on the "AB switch" by any length of the time, then the visuals keep being switched between A and B.
4. Once music BPM is set by "BPM" on the upper left side, you can synchronize the length of the visual by pressing the "BPM SYNC" button.
5. You can suddenly fade out the visual on the main active screen by pressing the "breakdown" button.
6. The visual is restarted from the scratch by the "SCRATCH" button.
7. You can adjust the length and the start/end points of the visual.
8. You can enlarge the visual into full screen.

TUNE (plug-in system)
TUNE is a plug-in system for "motion dive .tokyo". It helps you to mix visuals nice and creative. 6 TUNE are ready to use from the original package. There are many of various TUNEs which are lined up to be released.

more about TUNE>>

File Management
You can load all kinds of files into motion dive.
"motion dive .tokyo" is compatible to the industry standard formats, Quicktime movie files, all the digital camera pictures, and Adobe Photoshop still picture files as well as macromedia Flash MX (Action Script capability). It allows you to make your own visual library.

Resolution of the Output
Theoretically speaking, motion dive is compatible to any resolution of the visual. It depends on the power of the PC.

Dual Output System and Live Recording
If your PC is able to provide you a dual display, you can projetc the visuals diretcly from the PC to output devices (TV, projetcor, etc.) by maintaining preview interface on your PC monitor. It's active once you just drag the main visual window onto the 2nd monitor.
You can lively record the visuals in the "motion dive .tokyo" onto DVD, VCR or HD recorder by using this dual output system.
5 VJs units from Tokyo participate onto the "motion dive .tokyo".
120 original visuals from the 5 VJs are created for the "motion dive .tokyo".

motion dive .tokyo image

motion dive .tokyo
for Windows & Mac

with downloadable English Manual and English environment updater

300 limited Special Offer $349.00
free worldwide shipment
Now Available!

*You need to have a Internet Access for the downloads after the purchase. The package contains the download address and written instructions for this procedure.

If you have "motion dive 3" or "motion dive .tokyo for Japanese", please read Upgrade info.

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System requirements
Windows Macintosh
OS: Windows 98SE, Me, 2000, XP OS: Mac OS 9.x / Mac OS X 10.2x
CPU:Intel Pentium II/Celeron 500Mhz or better CPU:CPU in first iMac or later (G4 recommended)
Memory: 64MB or more (512M recommended) Memory: 64MB or more on OS 9.x, 516MB or more on OS X 10.2x
HD: 500MB free space or more HD: 500MB free space or more
CD-ROM drive, Internet access capability & monitor (640x480 or better) CD-ROM drive, Internet access capability & monitor (640x480 or better)
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