last update 11.18.2003

Purchase Info & Delivery

Internet Connetcion
Please make sure that you must have a Internet Access for the downloads after the purchase.

Download the Files to Complete the Package
You need to install "motion dive. tokyo" for Japanese in the package and update it into English version with the updater that you download.
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Upgrade from motion dive 3
You can upgrade from "motion dive 3" to "motion dive .tokyo (4)"
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Payment System
The purchase on this web will be processed with the system of Paypal. You can pay by major credit cards, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card or use your Paypal account.

Delivery Time
The shipping days will vary depending on where you live and the customs in your country. The package may be stopped long in the customs. We ship it by Japan Post/EMS, a national postal & shipping company.

4-14 business days to London
2-10 business days to New York
4-12 business days to Los Angels
4-14 business days to Berlin
2-10 business days to Hong Kong
4-12 business days to Sydney
2-4 business days to Tokyo