last update 11.18.2003

How to update "motion dive .tokyo for Japanese" to "English version"

You need to install "motion dive. tokyo for Japanese" and update it into English version with the updater that you download.

Please Follow the steps below to install MDT. This is VERY IMPORTANT.

STEP1: Register Your MDT online and get your password

Please register your MDT online with your serial number. You will automatically receive a mail with your password for the downloads after the registration.
*Serial number can be found on a printed sheet inside a small white envelope in the package.

Benefits of being a registered user

  • You can download the English updater and Manual
  • You can get free pug-ins
  • and more

STEP2: Download 2 files

Please access to the download page.
Then, download 2 files by inputting your password.

  1. English MDT Manual NEW!
  2. English environment updater for MDT NEW!

After downloading, please keep the files in your hard disk. You will need them on STEP 4.

STEP3: Install Japanese MDT
  1. In order to start installation, you need the 2 CD-ROMs included in the package. Regardless of the type of your PC (Windows, Mac OS 9, OS X, etc.), please insert Disk 1 into your CD-ROM driver.
  2. Double click the installer.
    Since this installer is designed with Japanese language, Some of the words in the installer's window don't appear properly because your PC doesn't have the Japanese Language system. However, ignore the funny fonts, and keep going to install as follows.
  3. Follow the process in the installer's window
  4. After finishing this installation, Japanese version of MDT is installed in your PC.

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STEP4: Update MDT to localize in English

MDT is installed, but it's still a Japanese version.
Please double click the English environment updater that you downloaded to localize the MDT into English version.