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    Contact us

    If you want to ask about "motion dive .tokyo", please choose the email address below depending on what kind of question you have and send it to us. You can contact us only by email. There is NO telephone support in English at this moment. We will try to answer your mail as possible as we can, but there are some cases that we will response late or will not reply. I strongly recommend you to register to our Newsletter that has a useful info and answer the recent frequently asked questions. Thank you in advance..

    1. Inquiry about Purchase & Press
    This email address accepts any inquiries about Purchase & Press.
    If you already purchased and have the package of "motion dive .tokyo", please use the Email Support for Registered Users below.


    2. Your Voice Acount
    Please send us any comments about "motion dive ,tokyo" such as your feedback about MDT or our newsletter. We will read your mail carefully for our future development.
    * We will not reply to most of the mail in this category.


    3. Email Support for Registered Users
    1) If you need a technical support for "motion dive. tokyo", please register your MDT online to activate your Email Support to GET the EMAIL ADDRESS.
    2) Before you send a mail to us, please take a look through the Technical FAQ and see whether your problem hasn't already been described and solved there.
    3) If you don't find your problem in FAQ, please send a question with your serial number in the mail.
    * There is NO telephone support in English.
    Register to get the email support address